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Serving Georgetown, Mississauga, Milton, Brampton, Acton, Oakville, Rockwood and GTA
8 seconds, that’s all you have to impress a potential
home buyer and make them fall in love with your home!
Experience Matters and our Results Define Us!
First impressions are critical; you don’t get a second chance so this
doesn’t leave much room for fault.
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Heaps of Decor is an experienced and full service professional home staging and Interior Redesign and decorating company serving Georgetown, Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, Acton, Rockwood, Guelph, Brampton,  Caledon and surrounding areas. We work with Home owners/sellers, Real Estate Professionals and Home Builders.

We will make your home leave an impressive and lasting impression on all prospective home buyers.  As a professional home stager and interior decorating expert, my goal is to maximize your homes selling price and get it sold quicker. In Staging your home, I emphasize your homes best features while improving or downplaying the perceived less marketable features, giving meticulous attention to detail because in any  market no detail can be over looked! We visually enlarge rooms, make them brighter and decorate your home for the right target market, setting the stage for potential buyers to walk into your home and say “wow, this is home”.

It's essential to create the "WOW" factor and maximize your property's appeal both inside and out.  Home Staging Top Sales are professional home stagers and designers who create unforgetable living spaces to give you the ultimate competitive edge in selling your home!

For the best results and customer service call Kelly Heaps, experience matters!  We have helped hundreds of home owners prepare their homes for resale who have in return hired us to decorate their new home because they love our work so much.

We carry luxurious high end decor, furniture and accessories to showcase your home to it's fullest and to stand out from your competition!  
Two  things that sell a home are (1) price and (2) staging.  
...you don’t need a lot of money to transform your house.
Heaps of Decor also offers Interior Decorating Services for homeowners who want to infuse new energy and life into a tired space but don’t want to spend a lot of money.  Interior Redesign involves many of the same techniques as Home Staging however, the design is for living and incorporates the home owners own taste and style, it's all about YOU!.
By combining my passion and creative talent for Interior Design and Home Staging my ultimate goal is to offer a service that adds value to my clients by securing the equity in their homes and creating unforgetable living spaces.

Professional Home Staging is an essential strategy to selling your home in any Market.  Average isn't going to cut it in this market, go the extra mile so it stands out from your competition!
The Most Important Reason to Stage Your Home
Besides your home being one of your most valuable assets, another important reason to Stage your home is because you have a sense of urgency and want to move  and get on with your life.   Moving is rated as one of the most stressful life events.  How many prospecting buyers will you have tour your home and how many price reductions will you take before you decide you might need a professional home stager to Stage your home? Remember, you or your Realtor can't make someone buy your home. It must appeal to a large range of potential buyers. If it doesn't, they move on to the next home until they finally find the home that is "move in ready", that’s the one they buy. A house that has been staged can usually be sold at a higher asking price than prior to having it staged and they sell quicker.  The cost of staging far outweighs the cost of a price reduction on your home... why take the chance when you only get one first impression?

The longer you wait to do something about Staging your home, the more it’s going to cost you in price reductions, mortgage payments, heating and utilities, etc.  It's your money and your decision but how much money do you have to throw away?  You can keep reducing your price until someone sees the value in it the way it is or you can call Home Staging Top Sales to Stage it and make buyers HAVE TO HAVE IT!
Staged Homes sell in half the time,
for 6-30% more money!
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Staging Homes for Sale quick and for top dollar!
Home Staging Top Sales is a leader in professional home staging and interior decorating services serving Georgetown, Milton, Guelph, Acton, Mississauga, Brampton, Rockwood, Caledon, Oakville and surrounding areas of the GTA.
Home Staging
TRENDS  for 2016

The 3 D’s
Home Staging

Preparing your House for Market

1. Detach Yourself
Once you decide to sell your home “Your house is no longer your home”.  This means that you must distant your-self emotionally from your home in order to see it as objectively and dispassionately as possible.  Your home has now become a “product” that’s for sale and you want to yield the highest price on your most valuable asset.next

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